This week I am sharing some of my favorite gift ideas for children.

We have a big family and when we had our first child, we decided to give just one gift from us for Christmas and Santa delivers three gifts under the tree. Something to wear, something to read and something to play with. Three gifts just like the three wisemen delivered three gifts to baby Jesus. It helps make Christmas memorable for our kids but at the same time, we don’t feel overwhelmed and glutenous about the amount of gifts coming into our home.

1. Themed Ornaments: Each year we get each child an ornament that relates to something they are into that year. For example, one year my daughter was OBSESSED with Mary Had a Little Lamb so her ornament was a little lamb. This year the girls are both getting a Disney Princness ornament and the baby is getting a First Christmas ornament.

2. Memory Game: I love that you can make this with your very own photos!

3. Family Journal: This gift is the gift that keeps on giving! Create a journal for you and your daughter or you and your son. It’s a place to write them letters and for them to eventually write you back. My daughter and I have had one since she was four and I will cherish these notes that go back and forth forever!

4. Personalized Book: We are huge fans of shutterfly books over here. Making a special book for a child can be a treasure they adore! Think of a fun theme like “ABCs of _____” or “_____’s Favorite Things”

5. Personalized Bracelet: My five-year-old loves her personalized bracelet we got her for the start of kindergarten. You can come up with the saying or use one of the examples on this Etsy site.

6. Sleeping Bags: These treasures have been lifesavers for us! When we go away to visit friends out of town, the girls love sleeping in their sleeping bags and it means we are no longer packing pillows, blankets and the blow up mattress!

7. Books-Look for books based on your child’s interests then check for a quality message in the story. You can’t always have both but with a kittle searching it’s possible!

8. An EXPERIENCE: I heard this idea on a Podcast recently and it’s a good one. Instead of a gift of something, how about a gift to do something, together? Go on and make some memories. Here is a list of ideas for children and adults!


Children’s “Experience” Gifts:

  • Zoo membership or season passes to other venues
  • Tickets to a musical, movie or play
  • Pass to a jumping place like Pump It Up
  • Gift cards to Build-A-Bear
  • A certificate to go horseback riding

Adult “Experience” Gifts:

  • Tickets to a comedy show, musical, play, movie
  • Bowling
  • A helicopter ride
  • Hotair balloon ride
  • lessons (cooking, dance, etc)
  • spa treatment
  • gift certificate to babysit your friend’s kids