This week I thought I would share some of the unique gift ideas I’ve purchased, plan to purchase, or wish I had someone to purchase something like this for! These are mostly adult gifts and next week I will share unique gift ideas for children.

1. Prinstagram: They offer these miniature books. I ordered the spiral bound ones last year for my girls and this year I got the tiny magnetic ones (pictured) You do have to have pictures on an instagram account to make these. I ordered my husband a 2015 calendar filled with instagram pictures. I’ve used IG as a place to store our day-to-day and in an easy location I could go back three years to get photos to make these gifts!

2. A cute and FREE Michigan printable, add it to a 5×7 frame and you have a gift!

3. Red Nail Polish + this cute tag = Rudolph the Red Toes Reindeer. I like this gift idea for a small $5-$10 gift idea for our dance teachers who I like to get a little something for.

4. Heirloom Recipe: Take a special recipe and frame it along with a picture of your loved one who always made the recipe. I haven’t made this but love the idea!

5. Papa/Dad Shirt: I had this made for my husband when our second child was born. It says Papa: established in 2009 (the year our first was born)

6. Beer Bottle Labels with Your Pictures: I loved this website Pinhole Press. I ordered the beer bottle labels on it for my dad and husband one year for Father’s Day but think they would make great holiday gifts too!

7. Table Topics for Families-cards that have conversation starters on them. We have a pack and use them at dinner time from time to time!

8. Travel Map-know someone who travels alot? This map is awesome! You scratch off the places you have traveled!

9. Pontoon Ornament: I had never come across the perfect ornament for my husband until I found this pontoon boat! You can personalize it too!

10. The Red Plate: this plate has a beautiful tradition and is a great gift to give to a family with young children.

11. Last but certainly NOT least, a 2015 calendar: My friend Maggie designs this awesome calendar that helps you to “celebrate nearly everyday for unexpected reasons”

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