Part of this blog is inspiring families and those that work with little ones to make each day count. In order to do so, sometimes big celebrations take preparations and that is something that I am good at! My friends all joke with me about my organization and my ability to think ahead. Let’s face it, it’s a strength but it can also be a weakness too!

This is what I do, I go on Pinterest and have a blast making a board of all the things I think look fun, appropriate and realistic for my family.

Then I take some time clicking on the links and making a list of what supplies I need to create these crafts, games and/or foods. As a reminder to myself, I write these down in a list on my homeschooling calendar. I’ve also been known to grab a picture of the image from the web and stick it on my computer desktop to serve as a reminder to do this activity. Then I am ready and prepared and on those days that seem so long but are short at the same time being a parent, we have something to do that is festive and puts us in the holiday spirit!

Here are some of the activities I’ve pulled for the next few weeks:

Pumpkin Cheesecake Dip: I am using this as an appetizer for Thanksgiving.

Paper Roll Turkey Craft: This is a quick craft for children ages Preschool-5th grade

Thankful Jar: I shared this jar with all the mamas in my MOPS group. Take an empty spaghetti or mason jar and print out these quote thankful cards. Have family members fill the jar with things they are grateful for this month! All printables are FREE DOWNLOADS!

Thanksgiving Coloring Pages: I printed a few of these off to have on hand for coloring or taking q-tips and using them to paint (not too messy painting!)

A Thanksgiving Game: This teaches addition too!

Thanksgiving Scavenger Hunt: We did this last year. It was great to get the kids outside for a bit during a family function.

Placecards for our Thanksgiving Dinner: It’s a craft activity to make these!

Mini Turkey Pops: We are making these for a treat to give as a favor to our guests this year.

Thanksgiving Photo Booth Props: Why not? I can’t wait to get my aunts and uncles in our little photo booth on Turkey Day!

Other things to prepare right about now:

  • Holiday Cards. I love giving and receiving cards. I’ve done it several different ways but am always looking for a good deal. This year I designed my own card with a template purchased for $5 from Etsy (you use the template to import your photos and edit your text in Photoshop) Then I use the Custom Design option at Costco. The cards are $.69 and come with an envelope. My girls help me put stamps on the envelopes and to seal them. They also use holiday stamps to decorate some of the envelopes. I send my cards out the weekend of Thanksgiving.
  • This year I made a New Year’s card for schools and clients I have worked with this year along with a little freebie I am including in each card.
  • Gift Giving: I use this planning sheet to plan out my shopping. I started in Octoer and am a little over half way done. I like to spread out the spending over a few months other than having one big credit card bill! I also don’t like to do things last minute!
  • I am also planning a Mickey Mouse First Birthday that will take place at the end of December. How did this happen?How is my baby boy going to be one???