Last Minute Halloween-Here are a few fun ways to get in the spirit! #Halloween #CraftIdeas #MariaDismondy

The title of my blog is Be The Difference. For three years of writing here, I have been inspired to share ideas either of my own or gathered from the web, to my readers on ways you can Be the Difference in your own child’s life, the lives of children you work with, in your own life or in the lives of those around you. Halloween is at the end of the week, here are a few fun ways to get in the spirit!

Halloween Jokes: Click here and print out these silly jokes. Put them in your husband’s work bag, your child’s lunch box or leave them on your student’s desk before they come into your classroom for the day.

Fall Tree: If you have a few paints and an empty toilet paper roll, you can get this creative fall tree craft started in your home!

Healthy Halloween Snack: Surprise your children with this cute and spooky snack made with bananas and clementines.

Roll A Pumpkin Game: With dice and a blank piece of paper, children of all ages can get into this game called Roll a Pumpkin or dance along to The Skeleton Song!

Five Little Pumpkins Sitting On A Gate: Here’s an illustrated version of the Halloween song for kids to sing along to on YouTube.

Halloween Bingo: Print out a few cards, have the neighborhood kids over after school and play a game of Bingo!

For more simple Halloween crafts and games, follow my Pinterest Board here.

And older Halloween post on my blog with a really sweet glue ghost craft.