Four out of five Dismondys have a common cold. Call me crazy, but I go into “mind over matter” mode when I get sick. Thinking positive and keeping the complaining to a minimum seriously makes me feel like I will be healthy sooner than later.

I go through a list of our favorite remedies and go to bed looking forward to waking up healthy again. When that doesn’t happen, I try again by going through the list again and going to bed hopeful that my body is healed! I have NO medical training so I can’t tell you that these remedies are for everyone or that they have real healing benefits but they work for our family! How do YOU battle the common cold?

1. Healing Broth: I make a big batch of this broth and freeze it in mason jars. I use the broth in cooking through out the fall and winter months and I also put it in sippy cups for the kids when they are coming down with something. Click on the link at the header to learn about all the wonderful benefits of homemade bone broth.

2. Chicken Soup: I use the healing broth to make an easy, go to chicken soup recipe. It was what we had for dinner tonight!

3. Epsom Baths: A warm bath with epsom salts is a great way to end a long day. Click on the link to read about how these baths can help detox the body. Did you know these baths can help with migranes too?

4. Emergen-C: This drink mix has loads of Vitamin C in it. I prefer the super orange flavor above the others. This is a MUST for keeping in our cupboards during the fall and winter months.

5. Essential Oils: I have a plan to go to a party to learn more about the benefits of essential oils but over the last few years, our family has used lavender on our feet before bed to relax and help us sleep, peppermint with a humidifier when we are sick and tea tree oil to help disinfect toys.

6. Sleep: I used to live on 5 and 6 hours of sleep but I have found that I am actually a better mom on 7 or 8 hours of sleep a night! I have more patience and with three little ones, I need all the patience I can get!

7. Water: The main drink in our house is water. We send our kids to bed with water and I sleep with a full glass next to my bed which is empty when I wake up. My mom was a great water role model to us growing up—-she always had a large glass of ice water with her.