My summer video series is over. My kickstarter project is 1/2 way over. I am committed to consistently blogging again. I have some fun stuff to share in the next few weeks. Check back every Tuesday.

We are fairy crazy over at our house.

We love searching for fairy doors in a small town by our house (every store front has a fairy door along with a story book to tell you about each fairy), browsing the fairy gardens at the local nursery, reading fairy books and as a part of my daughter’s summer bucket list, we recently built a fairy house!

How to build a fairy house:

1. Make a plan. What needs to be done to create your fairy house? Write it all down, step-by-step.

2. Design a fairy house plan on paper. What will it look like? What materials will you need?

3. Purchase materials (Home Depot) and decorations (Michael’s)

4. Let your dad saw the wood and help you with the nailing.

5. Take a nature walk to look for more decorations for your house like twigs, bark and more.
6. With a parent’s help, use a glue gun to attach the decorations. Paint empty areas of the house to add some pizzazz.

7. Find a special spot in your garden for your fairy house. You can make your own fairies or buy some at your local craft or gardening store.

8. Remember an important job of a garden fairy is to help your flowers bloom! Watch the fairy magic take place now that your fairies have a special house to live in.

Notes: My husband and I may have enjoyed this project more than our girls. It was fun because it took several days and outings to complete!