The kickstarter campaign is off to a slow start which is not good. But I am remaining positive and thinking out of the box. Schools are contacting me about possible pledges from their PTO/PTA which is awesome.

Check out the rewards for schools below and please share with your contacts!

Can you pick one or more of the following actions below to help me on this diversity initiative? If you have no idea what I am talking about, start here and learn about my Crowdfunding Project!

1. Pin the image on this page to your Pinterest (possible boards: Books to Read, Contests, For the Kids)

2. Share this blog post with 5 friends via a link on email and in turn ask them to share it with 5 friends—let’s start an email tree!

3. Post a message with this link or a direct link to my campaign page to your Facebook Account.

4. Contact organizations you know that believe in the campaign’s mission: inclusion, diversity, empathy, kindness, english as a second language and more!

5. Email me at for a PDF and/or Powerpoint of the campaign to share with PTO/PTA board members to consider. Below are some of the amazing rewards for schools that pledge!

Pledge $500:

—You will receive a classroom kit to donate to a class of your choice (or school)
—A PDF lesson guide, 10 copies of the book
—A virtual visit with the author via Skype
—Plus a thank you email, fancy bookmark, access to exclusive project updates.

Pledge $900:

—A classroom kit that includes the PDF Lesson Guide and 20 books PLUS¦
—A ½ day author visit at an elementary school in Michigan! The visit must be scheduled for April or May of 2015.

Thank you friends and followers! I BELIEVE in funding this project. It’s a huge goal and it’s very scary putting myself out there trying to crowdfund such a large amount but never say NEVER! Keep on, keeping on!