The Spaghetti World Tour is up and running!

I’ve been posting pictures as soon as readers send them to me (this has been so much fun!) A friend brought up a good point: Won’t people want to quit if they see a picture posted from a far away country, knowing their vacation here in the States won’t compare? This is so true. So I’ve added MORE prizes and MORE categories to win other than the picture taken farthest from my PO Box in Wixom, Michigan.

Thank you for participating and sharing this fun contest with your family and friends. I get a little competitive myself and I am thinking I would like you guys to get as close as you can to having my book, Spaghetti In A Hot Dog Bun in a picture taken in every state in the US! Let’s do it!

More Prizes: all pictures will be judged by a panel of three judges—to be announced soon!

To be an official entry-the picture does have to be of either an actual book or a printed picture of the cover because that is what was determined at the start of the contest. I love how people are using iPads and Smartphones to take pictures but those won’t be official entries because they are not following the contest rules.

New Categories:

Most Creative: $50 Amazon gift card

Cutest Model(s) holding Spaghetti in A Hot Dog Bun: $50 Target gift card

Best Landmark: $50 Barnes & Noble gift card