Meal planning is key to keeping our weekly menu healthy and consistent. Here’s video #2 in my new series where I share simple tips that help keep me organized and at the same time simple things that help make a difference in the lives of my children. This blog is called Be The Difference—and that’s what I am out to do. Help men and women find simple ways they can make a difference in the lives of children they work with or are raising.

Benefits of meal planning:

1. Less stress because you are organized

2. Healthier meal choices

3. One trip to the grocery store for ingredients vs. SEVERAL

4. Save money because you are buying just what you need

Resources referenced in the video:

1. Grocery List: Creative Bloom or on her etsy shop

2. Today’s Menu board for the fridge: Dollar section at Target

3. Our Family Recipe Favorites Reference Chart: iheartorganizing