We are feeling so blessed with our healthy little third baby. I must admit, life has gotten busier than ever for us since January this year.

I work very hard to put my family and children first while at the same time, I am passionate about the work I do as a children’s author.

Being an author allows me the luxury of working from home with a flexible schedule. There are pros and cons to all of this. Working from home lets me to be with my kids but also creates the challenge of carving out time to get my work accomplished. I am that girl who starts to work then sees the dirty dishes and then I am sidetracked cleaning the kitchen. Last year, we built an office space to help us to separate home from work, allowing my husband and I a space to work that wasn’t right within our living space. If I had to describe our office in one word, I would say dreamy.

How do I keep my work time productive? For me, it starts with a cup of tea. I drink it in my favorite mug from Anthropology. We have a mug with the initial of each person in our family. The warm tea and my swanky mug keep my mind at ease as I either check off tasks off the never ending list or realize that it all won’t get done (and I find myself humming “Let it Go” from Frozen).

I’m curious, how do YOU settle down to get to work and accomplish tasks? What calms you when your brain is on overload? Please comment below!

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