I decided to take on some new challenges in my business this year. Change is good but it is scary too. You see, in order to take on these new challenges, I need time to follow through on the commitments. I never want to become the “I don’t have time” person. It’s easy to take on too much then lack the time we need to do what we are truly passionate about or what is really important to us. I strive for balance. I fail miserably at times and sometimes I actually achieve a healthy balance and I am proud of being able to give time to what matters.

After having lunch with a friend today which was becoming challenging in itself to schedule, I saw this quote. It reminded me of my current attitude. I have been saying yes to some really wonderful changes for my business, knowing it will all work out in the end. Not knowing at the time of saying yes how I will ever find the time to make these business adventures work but having faith that it will in the end. It’s been a great way for me to grow because growth comes from change. And change can’t happen without doing something different. Different is not easy or comfortable and I get stuck in enjoying easy.

Those are my deep thoughts this Friday morning 🙂

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PS My blog has been lacking lately but stay tuned for a new video blog series starting next week!