The creators of Preschoology contacted me recently to collaborate on a few projects. They will be sharing a guest post of mine with thier readers on the topic of kindness and the act of paying it forward. The concept of how Preschoology was born is pretty neat. A school psychologist met a computer engineer and hit it off! They combined their education and after having their first child, they created this mobile app company devoted to helping young children learn social skills.

I wanted to share a really cool app they designed called The Potty Show. My girls and I had the opportunity to test it out at home the other day. My youngest was potty trained about 6 months ago. We used The Elmo Video and several books to reinforce the concept (read more on my step-by-step how to on potty training here). I think having an app is another wonderful way to reinforce that big kids go on the potty! There are some fun features I want to share below that are a part of this potty app available for download in itunes.

The Potty Show:

  • Vivid colors that keep your little ones attention
  • The option to have your child’s picture as the “star” in the app.
  • Your child can customize their person on the app.
  • There is a painting page that again, has your child’s personalized picture on it.
  • The song that is played has a catchy tune!
  • There are printables to support the potty training along with free visual cue cards.
  • To celebrate your child’s success, there is an award certificate that can be printed!

If you would like to download The Potty Show to your digital tablet/device, find out more here.