I was thrilled to get an email inviting me to be a part of the Kids In The House community. Here’s a brief description of what this newly launched website offers:

Our site provides parents with more than 8,000 one-minute educational parenting videos that succinctly cover every issue facing parents — from conception through the college years. Our resources feature all types of parenting experts and leaders including doctors, psychologists, researchers, educators, entertainers, top-bloggers, and best-selling authors. Our goal is to change the world one parent at a time by educating, inspiring and entertaining.

The site provides so many amazing resources for parents. Here is a video, less then 3 minutes long for parents to watch on what to say to your children when it comes to bullying:

For more information on elementary education visit KidsInTheHouse.com

Here are a few of my thoughts after watching the short clip of Michael Pritchard discussing bullying.

Michael said, “If I’m not for me, who will be? Let’s teach our children to stand up and protect themselves.”

  • We always talk about being an advocate for our children and their well being but this statement in Michael’s video reminds us that children need to be their own advocate as well. We can teach them from a very young age to stand up for themselves and if the courage is not there, encourage them to trust in an adult to get help. As adults, we want to give our children strategies to try and solve their problems before solving the problem for them. At any time, if there is an issue of safety, we need to teach our children to get help immediately.

Michael said, “Choose to rise above the bullying by having a strong sense of character and courage.”

  • This is part of my mission: to educate families to model and teach character traits early on. Courage, respect, empathy and so on. This year I have been posting lessons I teach my oldest daughter each week on character. It’s a homeschool study I created to strengthen her knowledge of character and to instill these traits so that she has some social problem solving tools to use when she enters school next year. To find out more, visit the lessoms here on my Pinterest board on Character. You can find them by clicking on the monthly images that look like the one shown here.