For two years in a row, I participated in my very own Happiness Projects. Monthly goals to improve my well being. Did it work? Yes. I stayed motivated to make small changes in my life that lead to happier days.

At the end of December we welcomed our third child to the world. Being realistic and not wanting to overwhelm myself with lofty goals, I decided to focus on one goal every quarter. Quarter #1 was to perform 100 acts of kindness. I did it!

It was just what I needed during this cold, dreary, harsh winter in Michigan. A focus on doing kind things for other people.

Here are a few acts of kindness I did over the last three months.

Thank you letters to all the hospital staff who helped bring our baby Dexter into the world. Handwritten, heartfelt letters.
Dunkin Donuts tip. Here was the conversation: Me “Keep the change” DD Guy “All of it?” He was totally shocked.
Book to mailman’s grandson
Send hand me down baby girl clothes to my cousin.
Give girl clothes to a friend.
3 itunes cards for$10 each
Paid for the order behind me in the drive thru.
Made a meal for a friend and her family.
3 $5 Biggby Cards
Took a friend out to dinner.
Took chicken soup and gatorade to a friend who was sick.
Made breakfast for my mother in law.
Ordered a cookbook for a friend.
Hot cocoa to dance staff.
4 loaves of bread donated to sandwich making.
Books and stuffed animals to Families Building Faith for Eater Baskets.
Bought a book for a girl at B&N
Bag your own groceries
Tell a stranger her child is beautiful.
Teach someone some of your skills (no charge)
Sign up for a race that supports a cause.
Schedule a physical for myself.
Loan baby bottles for a baby.
Give away maternity clothes to a new mama.
Planned a weekend at Camp Dearborn with friends.
Tell a friend she’s beautiful.
Give a free book to a less fortunate child.
Love notes in my husbands luggage.
Free book to a friend to read to his son’s Kindergarten class.
Made banana bread for the cleaning staff.
Letter to a friend just because.
Ran errand for a friend.
Bought flowers for my mom and mil.
Free books to Trader Joe’s worker.
Let someone else go in front of me when at the grocery store.
Coffee to the moms at Mom/Tot Preschool

Up Next for April-June? Focus on my well being! A happy house starts with a healthy mama! What I plan to do: get a yearly physical in May, run and bike train for a race I registered for in June called the Tri Goddess Tri. I took a class on REAL health at Beyond Organic and have been incorporating the eating recommendations for about a month now so I would like to continue on this journey to help me feel back to my old self. Last but not least, I am going through my training to be a Individual Family Support Volunteer through Beaumont Hospital over the next three months.