In honor of March is Reading Month, we are having an amazing giveaway!

Miriam Laundry just released her first book titled I Can Believe in Myself. She was so generous to have given my family a copy to read and review as well as a copy to share with one lucky reader!

The book is a hardcover children’s picture book with an important message for BOTH children and adults. That was probably my favorite part of the book, the message to believe in yourself reached little Molly in the story but it also affected her classmates and her teacher! Mrs. Ruby was always showing up in the pictures drinking her hot cup of coffee. I had to laugh at that because being a former teacher myself, and the founder of a coffee club at one of the buildings I worked at, I know teachers like their cup of joe!

The book arrived at the perfect time, on the day my daughter had her turn to be the Child of the Day at preschool. She could easily connect to the character Molly in the book about being nervous to speak in front of her class. Immediately after I read the book to my girls, Ruby ran upstairs to her writing center and made a sign like Molly in the book. Afterwards we discussed all of the things my daughter COULD do! The very last page of the book encourages this type of discussion.

Miriam’s message is clear, she is out to make a difference and for THAT I highly recommend you pick up a copy of her new book! Also, join us (I’ve already registered) as we team together with thousands of others to try and break a Guiness World Record for the largest online book discussion. Details are found here.

There are many ways to enter below to win a hardcopy of Miriam’s book, I CAN Believe in Myself. The contest will end on March 31st and I will announce the winner here and on my facebook page.

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