Welcome! If this is your first time here, I am sharing lessons I teach my 4-year-old each month. Each week I choose two books, have two discussions and we create two crafts that go along with one character trait. I use a variety of resources online to put together the lesson plans. Enjoy!


I am only posting two of the many books we read on love this month (simply because I am supposed to still be on maternity leave). I put together an entire box of books to read for Valentine’s Day that taught a variety of lessons on love. The important thing to teach young children is to discuss and compare the different types of love we experience every day. The love between siblings, husband and wife, family members and pets, friends, etc. Kudos to Disney for highlighting the love between two sisters in their #1 hit Frozen.

Read: Henry in Love by: Peter McCarty

Discuss: Henry is quiet, is Chloe? How does the blueberry muffin make a difference in the story?

Make: Special Vallentine cupcakes to share with friends, just like Henry shared with Chloe in the book we read!

Read: The Missing Piece Meets The Big O by Shel Silverstein

Discuss: In this book, the missing piece searches for another shape to complete them, to make them whole so that they can roll together. Once the missing piece meets the big o, they learn that others can’t complete them, they have to find their own happiness. It seems deep but it isn’t. It’s a great seed to plant into a little four year-olds brain at an early age.

Make: Yourself a valentine! What do you love about yourself? Be sure to add this to your special valentine.