Welcome! If this is your first time here, I am sharing lessons I teach my 4-year-old each month. Each week I choose two books, have two discussions and we create two crafts that go along with one character trait. I use a variety of resources online to put together the lesson plans. Enjoy!


Read: The Story of Martin Luther King Jr. by: Johnny Ray Moore

Read: The Colors of Us by Karen Katz

Discuss: I used this very simple book with my four-year-old because it taught the concept of prejiduce in such a clear cut way. Help your child make connections to the book and Martin’s experiences by using empathy to think about how they might feel if they were young Martin.

Make: Multi-cultural paper dolls. We did this with a friend and her daughter and she had the girls add a heart to each doll because it was something that made them the same when everything else about them seemed so different (and that’s okay!)


Read: The Peace Book by Todd Parr

Discuss: What is peace? Can your preschooler think of examples of peace in their own lives?

Make: Take a paper plate. Using painter’s tape or masking tape, make a peace sign. Have your preschooler paint the paperplate. After it dries, have them remove the tape and the peace sign is revealed! I’m not sure where to source this idea but my friend shared it with me!