And so we come to the end of touring around a number of fasinating blogs for two weeks.

I am happy to end the tour with my dear friend Barbara over at The Corner on Character. Not only is she a fellow blogger buddy but she is also now a fellow author friend of mine as she is in the midst of writing her first book (MUCH more on that to come)! Go on and visit Barbara today and give her some bloggin’ love! It’s a wrap!

Blogger: Barbara Gruener

Blog Title: The Corner on Character

Premise of the Blog: Barbara is a counselor and character coach at an elementary school in Texas. She loves what she does and it shows in her work as well as the words she writes on her blog!

Virtual Tour Blog Post: Found here

**There is an awesome video of Barbara using my new book to teach a group of little ones in her school! You MUST check it out! **

A favorite blog post for you to check out:


Giveaway Details: Enter to win by January 30th on Barbara’s blog.