It’s the final countdown for me! I am officially full term as of today at 37 weeks pregnant. My bags are packed, the car seat is ready and now we just wait until Baby Dismondy is ready to make his or her entrance into the world! Here are a few of my postpartum must haves as I will not be blogging for awhile once the baby comes I thought I would share these now!

1. The Boppy Pillow– Not only do we use this pillow to help with nursing but we found many other ways to use it with a newborn all the way until they start sitting up. It provided a sturdy support as they played and were still unsteady in the seated position. A must have after baby is born!

2. Nursing Tanks– Nursing bras were uncomfortable for me. As my body healed they were just too much pressure on that part of my body but I found great relief in nursing tank tops. Target’s are my favorite because they are low in cost and high in quality! I have them in brown, gray, black and white and where them under all my shirts for the first 6 weeks after delivery until I am feeling myself again!

3. The Nipple Shield-Even with our second child, my little one didn’t get the nursing latch from the get go and I had very sore and very painful tatas. The nipple shield helps babies latch on and helps protect your sore nipples. I have mine packed in my hospital bag and am not going to shush the lactation consultant away this time telling her “I’ve got this. I’ve done this before” It’s important to get the latch correct from the very beginning in order to reduce or eliminate any damage to your nipples.

4. Prescription Nipple Cream– Just in case the latch goes south again, I am prepared with prescription nipple cream. It was like a miracle worker for me the first two pregnancies. Here is a link with the ingredients. If you print this off and share with your OB, they can write you a prescription. Trust me, it does so much more than the over the counter creams! The cream I have pictured above is one I have seen highly recommended all over the internet lately but I haven’t tried.

5. Witch Hazel Pads-Soothing for your behind. Have these onhand to help your body with the healing process. They feel much better when stored in the fridge and are used slightly chilled.

6. Epsom Bath Salts (with lavendar)-Before I have the baby and after I take many Epsom baths. With my last child, I didn’t make the time to get in the tub as much as I should have postpartum. It can be for just 10 minutes and it will make such a difference in healing your body. Find the time. I prefer this brand of salts because it has lavendar essential oils in it with are soothing to the mind. I buy mine at Kroger!

7. Postpartum Belly Wrap-Our hospital will provide me with a wrap if I ask. These can get pretty expensive but they help you feel nice and snug after your belly goes from large and tight (and cute according to everyone you encounter near the end) to smooshy and jiggly (understandable after having just pushed a human being out of that space.) A belly wrapped helped especially after my c-section because it held my sore and tender abdominal muscles in when the simple act of laughing or coughing hurt.