Our MOPS group had a nutritionalist come speak to our group a few weeks ago. The presentation was followed the next week by a grocery shopping tour. If you have the slightest curiosity on today’s food epidemic, I highly recommend you take a grocery tour in your area. How do you find one? Health Clubs often offer classes and tours (ours was organized through Lifetime Fitness). Health food stores like Whole Foods also offer tours.

Topics discussed during both the program and tour:

Healthy snacks for kids


Gluten Free trends

The new food guide pyramid


Grass fed and organic meats

Fruits, vegetables and pesticides

Cage Free eggs

High fructose corn syrup and other nasty chemicals in foods

If you would like more awareness on healthy habits for your family but you don’ t have the time or means to take a class or a tour, check out these videos:

Food, Inc.

Crazy Sexy Cancer (Kris Carr’s story)

Forks over Knives

I just finished a book called Live Beyond Organic by Jordan Rubin. The story of one man’s transformation from near death to being healthy again due to his DIET was amazing. Following the inspirational story on how food can change your life, the book dicusses nutrition as well as how your mental well being can also be affected by what you eat. Recenly, my friend Danielle started working for Jordan Rubin’s company and she helped facilittate a cleanse that was super successful! Here’s more on her and the company if you would like to know more…

Beyond Organic products are truly the healthiest products available! Jordan Rubin goes to great lengths to make sure his animals are “Green Fed” drink spring water and processed ethically. You will never have to worry where you food has come from when using Beyond Organic foods. I personally have noticed significant changes since I started using the products. From a seven pound weight loss to increased energy, clearer skin, more focused and calm, to less bloating. My entire family is enjoying the benefits of these products. I love the food so much that I have decided to get involved in the Beyond Organic company. If you have any questions, feel free to either go to my website:daniellekovachevich.mybeyondorganic.com or contact me at nourishinghearts6@gmail.com for more information.