I want to tell you a story. A story of how an idea my friends and I put into action inspired two others to pay it forward. It’s the perfect story to share as we begin the holiday season.

For our friend’s birthday in January 2013, we spent the night out in Ann Arbor completing 35 Random Acts of Kindness for others. You can read all about what we did here. Apparently, my friend told me that my actions to pay it forward last holiday season inspired her to pay it forward which in TURN inspired her friend Holly to pay it forward as well. Isn’t that wonderful? Holly’s actions were shared in the Detroit Free Press just a few weeks ago. Her RAKS were in honor of her mother who passed away five years ago.

Back up just a few weeks prior to Holly’s awesome deeds going viral (so many people joined in to honor her mother via facebook!) to my friend Maggie honoring her mother for her 65th birthday. Her goal of having 65 RAKS completed for her mother’s birthday turned into over 100 RAKS! You can read about it here. Once again, the inspiration trickled down from one person to another and look at all of the great things that came of it!

As we enter this holiday season, I hope you will feel inspired by these stories to BE THE DIFFERENCE. Remember the old saying? Our actions speak louder than our words. It’s so true!

My MOPS group works with two organizations through out the year to give back. The first is Operation Christmas Child. At our November meeting, moms will work together to make between 10 and 15 shoebox gifts for children overseas. This is a wonderful service project YOU can do at home with your own children. My girls and I filled a tupperware container with gifts for a child ages 2-4, then I wrapped the lid and bottom of the box, you add $7 for shipping and VOILA! You’ve made someone’s day. We are writing a letter to the child with a picture of our family. We read online that the children may write back which would be really fun for my four year old (and for me too!)

The other organization we support is Families Building Faith. We will collect gently used toys that will be distributed to children during the holidays and through out the year, we get together and make sandwiches which Families Building Faith passes out to the homeless in Detroit. Our group made over 200 sandwiches last month and will do it again this month at our November meeting.

Please share special groups that you work with to give back! I love hearing stories like this that warm the heart!!!

Looking for holiday gifts to give? Check out our non-profit Making Spirits Bright on Facebook. We are selling t-shirts this holiday season and proceeds will go to a local charity called Project Night Night!