Whether it is your first baby or your third, every mama deserves some tender loving care during that last trimester of her pregnancy. The aches and pains begin to increase as the weight gain picks up. The hormones are still raging and emotions about having a baby reach a high. Here are a few ways you can treat yourself or a friend who is in their third trimester. Even with two little ones at home, I am trying to make room for these special treats. The mama’s health and wellness is so important!

1. Chiropractic Care: Since 28 weeks I have been going once a week to our local chiropractor. I had pain in my tailbone which was previously fractured during my second delivery. WIthin two visits, my pain was relieved and I am feeling good again! There are things to consider when choosing a chiropractor during pregnancy. Read about it here.

2. Massages: The weight gain and pressure the baby can put on your body begin to increase as you near the end of your pregnancy. A massage is such a nice treat to healing those aching muscles. There will be modifications when you have a prenatal massage like laying on your side instead on your stomach and back. Be sure to find a massage therapist who is trained in prenatal massage.

3. Manicure/Pedicures: My husband is funny about me getting my nails done while pregnant. He’s read up on the effects the salon fumes can have on an unborn fetus. On the other hand, I found a salon near my house that is never busy and has very good venilation. My first few pregnancies I only had my nails done the last month or so to get those toes looking pretty for labor. This time around I have treated myself a bit more. The massage chair and someone taking care of my nails (especially my toes which I can no longer reach) for thirty minutes is hard to resist. I do not get tips or shellac–nothing with extra chemicals.

4. Alone Time: A trip to the grocery store. A date with yourself at the gym. Dinner or coffee with a friend. Being alone and doing something you enjoy is healthy for the mama’s well being and overall balance. Here’s what I have learned…you have to ask for help to get it. You have to tell your spouse or partner that you need this time in order to get it. Unfortunately, they don’t read minds (as much as we would hope they do).

5. Epsom Baths: A warm bubbly bath can do wonders! Add some epsom salts to health those aches and pains and you are good to go! Remember there are restrictions of having a bath after your water breaks for risk of infection so be sure to speak to your doctor about it.

6. Naps: The third trimester! You are in the home stretch! Try to squeeze in a few naps before that baby arrives. Tuesday this week I could barely keep my eyes open mid-afternoon. I had a list full of things that needed to get done but I knew listening to my body was just as important and I managed a quick nap. I actually spent extra time during my second trimester when I had loads of energy preparing for some holiday happenings so that I could allow myself some down time during these last few weeks. I know moms who are working don’t always have this luxury so my best advice (taken from when I was preggers working full time) is to get as much done on those lunch breaks of yours so that you can head straight home from work and put your feet up!

7. Date Night: Don’t forget to keep that love life alive (it might take every last bit of energy you have but it is imperative!) with a date night for you and your spouse or partner. In November we will celebrate 8 years of marriage with a night out to see Elton John (we are closet Elton John fans.) We also have a date night planned to go to a friends Thanksgiving party. I know date nights can get expensive so try out a Mom Swap. Find a mama friend to come babysit for you one night then repay the favor. It saves us $40-$50 a date not having to pay someone. It’s also more comforting to me to have a mama babysitting versus a youngin’