My blog is being taken over by my pregnancy. It’s what is happening in my life and with 9 weeks left to go, I am rolling with it. I am happy to share this relevant information with my readers since it is part of my blog philosophy–Be The Difference. I write to inspire parents, families, teachers and caregivers to live a life that is balanced, healthy and one that is focused on making a difference in the lives of others. When you live a life with positive intentions, you get back what you give out in a great way!

Although I am not ready to actually pack my hospital bag yet, I feel better having written it down. Here is what I bring with a few notes as to what I have learned during my first two pregnancies…

I don’t bring slippers but instead flip flops because the floors are slippery!

I bring my own pillow cover. It has bright colored polka dots on it and it makes the room feel cozy (because hospital rooms are so not cozy).

Hairdryer and straightener-Yes, I bring them along with me. After giving birth, a shower and blowing my hair out helps make me feel human again.

I don’t pack maxipads like all the books tell you to. I buy them and have them on hand at home but the hospital provides all of these things while you are there.

Not all hospitals have baby wipes and I personally don’t like wiping a new baby’s bum with a wet papertowel. I bring wipes.

If you are planning on breastfeeding, the lactation consultants may discourage you from giving a pacifier in the hospital. The nurses will give you one but I pack my own just in case. I never found my kids to struggle breastfeeding because we gave them a soothie from the get go. I nursed both girls for a year and I allowed the hospital to give them formula during the night so Dave and I could recover. There are so many different philosophies out there on all of this. We did what was right for us.

The only other things on my list that might be out of the ordinary are all the gifts I pack to bring along to the hospital.

I buy something special for my husband to give him while we are there (this year’s gift). I also have gifts to my girls that will be from the baby (big sister gifts–this time around I ordered necklaces with their name and “big sister” on it from Etsy). I also make a special gift to give the nurses, staff and guests that visit us in the hospital. With baby #1 I gave out homemade cookies in the shape of a start with a label that read “A Star Is Born” I had a planned c-section which made this possible! When Baby #2 was born, I gave out hershey kisses with a note that said “Worth the Wait” For this baby, I will post the gift idea when I come up with it!

Am I forgetting anything?