After publishing The Juice Box Bully with Bob Sornson, I wrote a song to teach children during my school presentations (you can grab that song here for free). That song is called Bystander No More. My friend shared this article with me this week and after wiping away my tears from reading it, I started to think about the message I am spreading to children during my programs: You want to be an UPSTANDER not a Bystander. This article is a real-life example of a young girl choosing to be a “bystander no more.”

My goal is to share real-life bullying stories on Fridays with you. So far, I have released two vlogs about my own experiences. This week I am sharing this mother’s writing about what her daughter went through. Stay tuned in the weeks to come on Fridays for more real-life bullying stories. It is my hope that as parents and educators, we read these stories, share these videos with students and make a change in some small way to BE THE DIFFERENCE in someone’s life.

Read this story here by Susan McMartin.