Here is a compilation of the gifts we received when our children were born that were meaningful to us. First things first, these are not gifts I would suggest getting for new mamas at their baby shower. Most new moms prefer that you stick to the registry for that first baby. These are great gifts for a second born baby or for a close family or friend that just had a baby and you want to bring a little something to them when you visit the new baby.

1. A personalized baby block that has baby’s name, date of birth, birth weight, place of birth, etc. These special blocks can be ordered here.

2. Personalized baby blankets (or better yet, a hand knitted or crocheted blanket). Gifts with baby’s name embriodered are the best!

3. This bag from Thirty-One Gifts is the best! Let’s face it, diaper bags are usually not big enough to lug around everything you need. This bag is great for a trip to the beach, pool, an overnight adventure, etc.

4. Sophie the Giraffe is a durable (and adorable) teether. It can be found at most baby stores and is a swell gift for babies.

5. I have a Stella & Dot necklace that has an initial charm for each of my girls along with a birthstone charm for my husband. It’s especially great for times when I am away from my family, I can feel it on my neck and think of them!

6. Plush Pal. There comes a time when us mamas are OVER stuffed animals. This is usually around the age of 3 and beyond. At that point, kids acquire more than a dozen furry friends and they aren’t doing much with them. However, finding a special plush pal for a newborn is fun because it can turn into their “lovie.” The bunny pictured is the one both my girls have and sleep with every. single. night. They call him Papa Bunny.

7. Get a few pals to help pitch in for a gift certificate to a professional photographer. Family photos are timeless but pricey at the same time!

8. Our daughter got this wooden stool from my husband’s co-worker and we love it! Not only does it allow for her to brush her teeth at our bathroom sink, but she also loves putting the puzzle pieces back in order.

9. Diapers. You can never go wrong with showing up to someone’s house with a pack of diapers. The average baby uses 12-15 diapers a day in the first few months. Do the math. It’s a money sucker.

10. A sibling gift. When a new baby arrives, it can be hard on the big brother or big sister. A simple and inexpensive gift to give to the sibling is a super kind gesture. I love giving a small toy or a Big Brother/Sister book that can be enjoyed over and over again!

11. Meals. My MOPS group does this. My Aunt Karen arranged this for us when we had our first child and family and friends carried on with the tradition after our second was born. Making a meal or giving a gift card to new parents is THE BEST GIFT EVER. They are exhausted and the last thing they want to do is make the family dinner. This online meal registry called Meal Baby is great because it allows people to set up dates and times to drop off their dish.

Here’s my greatest advice for those visiting new parents.

Make the visit quick. I can’t tell you how many times we had family come to visit us, bring us a meal and stay for hours. The gesture is so nice but you have to remember that the new parents are running on very few hours of sleep and the mother’s body is in major recovery mode.