During my first pregnancy, my sister-in-law told me there was a certain song that she played over and over again during her pregnancy with her twins. She had a connection to the song and to the twins growing in her belly. A few weeks before our first child was born, Dave and I found a song that fit our emotions with the growing miracle we had waiting for us to arrive. I remember playing the song on our 2-mile drive to the hospital the morning of her delivery. After she was born, we would serenade her, rock her and dance with her to this special song. It just so happens that her name has a bunch of songs that were written for it so she came to have TWO special songs!

Music is a BIG part of our family. Since we met in 1993, Dave and I have spent hours together at concerts in high school and college. I will never forget riding our bikes to see Third Eye Blind at Michigan State. The mixed tapes we passed between each other, holding songs with BIG meaning. It makes me smile real big thinking back. I laugh thinking about the time I wrote the words of REO Speedwagon’s song I Can’t Fight This Feeling out for Dave in a letter to confess my love for him! I gave him the letter just as he was about to leave my house. My stepdad came to get me about ten minutes later saying Dave was at the door again. I was so nervous as I walked down the blue shag carpet stairs of my childhood home to the door. Dave didn’t say a word, he just smiled and we hugged. He felt the same way 🙂 We were friends many years before I realized he was the love of my life! 20 years later, we have nightly dance parties after dinner time with the kids. We share a passion for music and are excited to pass this onto our children.

Back to our kids and their songs…we did the same for our second daughter and are working on choosing a song for this third little bun in the oven. The girls KNOW their songs. When we play them, they get giddy to hear their special music. I have this vision of the girls dancing with their Papa (this is what they call their Dad) to their song. It makes me cry just thinking of how much love and how many memories will be tied into this moment.

Here are our girls songs and a list of songs we are choosing from for Baby #3.

For our Ruby:

Your Song by Elton John

Ruby Baby by Dion and The Belmonts

For our Leah:

Here for You by Neil Young

Leah by Bruce Springsteen

Choices for Baby #3:

Angel by Jewel

Wildflowers by Tom Petty

Vienna by Billy Joel

A Place in This World by Taylor Swift

Baby Mine by Allison Krauss

Godspeed by Dixie Chicks

Father and Daughter by Paul Simon (because we think it’s a girl!!!)

Living Proof: Bruce Springsteen

Beautiful Boy by John Lennon (because I guess we could actually have a boy!)

When You Dream by The Bare Naked Ladies

Still Fighting It by Ben Folds

If I Could by Barbara Streistand

Lullabye by Billy Joel

Love of My Life by Carly Simon

Blessed by Elton John

Child of Mine by Carole King