We had a bunny birthday party last week for our two-year-old. A few little friends over for a playdate in the morning and the grandparents over in the evening for dinner, cake and ice cream. Thanks to Pinterest, I was able to bring this bunny theme to life!

Here is some information about the details (look at the pictures from top to bottom and from left to right)

1. Bunny cake by Buttercream Bakery in Wixom MI.

2. Bunny tails made with a glue gun, silver pom pons and pink yard. All the kids wore them as they danced to the Bunny Hop at the party.

3.Thank you cards via Etsy.

4. Goldfish Cracker snacks in a bag to look like carrots!

5. We Love Leah Banner made with muslim, yarn and a glue gun. Boo-Boo Bunnies as party favors from Etsy.

6. My homemade Pin the Heart on the Bunny Game. Do you see why I am a writer and NOT an illustrator?

7. Bunny Cookies from Buttercream Bakery in Wixom, MI

8. Bunny Dress from Chasing Fireflies