Here you have my list of “must-haves” during my pregnancy. I would love to know what you would add to the list. Share with me in the comments below!

1. Coconut Body Butter from Trader Joe’s: At the very end of my second pregnancy I got stretch marks. There are so many different opinions when it comes to whether or not lotions help prevent stretch marks. I like to think keeping your skin well hydrated can help and I am old school when I prefer coconut butter over any other stretch mark gimic out there!

2. Sticky Bellies: These pregnancy stickers help you document your growing belly which is a miracle in itself! I have tried to do something a little different with each pregnancy when it came to taking pictures. This time around, I am lucky if I remember once a month to get a snap shot!

3. Breville Hemisphere Blender: A smoothie once every other day keeps the doctor away? Not real sure, but I am addicted to my green smoothies. I think the 30-Day Challenge I did a few months ago got me on a roll. I learned a ton in the challenge about what types of supplements and greens to add to a smoothie to make it the most bang for your buck!

4. Maternity Pajamas: I have three nice pairs of maternity pajamas. It’s important to me to feel good all day long while pregnant, including at night! I end up wearing them at the hospital to feel pretty after giving birth and in the months after baby arrives too. Worth the investment!

5. Pregnancy Journal: For each of my pregnacies, I documented how I felt each month, saved ultrasound pictures and more in a special pregnancy journal. After having two girls, I know these journals will be something they will look back at when they are grown women getting ready to have thier first child!

6. Coobie Bras: These are my favorite bras. Pregnant or not! However, they are especially cozy during the 9+ months of your pregnancy.

7. Belly Band: I made a lot of my regular pants and skirts work for at least 5 months with these belly bands. I have one in black and one in white. They also help you to ease back into your regular clothes postpardum!

8. Witch Hazel: One of my friends recommended this natural astringent as a face cleanser on those nights you are just to tired to do your entire facial routine. Witch hazel is also a healing ointment for hemmorroids!

9. Raspberry Leaf Tea: After being pregnanct for 20 weeks, I drink one cup of this tea a day. Suggested by a homeopath I consulted with earlier on in my pregnancy.

10. Body Pillow: I never invested in a super big and fancy pregnancy body pillow (are you beginning to get the drift that I am not super fancy in general?) but I do love the one I have from Target! It came with a fleece pillowcase which I ended up donating because it was way too hot for me. Target sells a number of pillowcases for body pillows in different colors and designs.

11. Supplements: I don’t feel comfortable disclosing all of the supplements I take here since I am not a doctor and you should always consult with your midwife or physician when choosing supplements to take during pregnancy…but I will say that taking daily supplements have made a HUGE difference in my pregnancy! Speak with your OB to see what you could be taking to help ease symptoms you might be having or to help improve your experience during your pregnancy!