During Part 1 you determined whether or not your child was ready to start potty training. Then you helped your little one get excited about

using the potty. In the Potty Training Series Part 2, you went shopping and stocked up on potty supplies! You read the 3-Day Potty Training ebook and you dove into the three days of going from diapers to underpants.

For Part 3, I want to share with you how to go about the weeks after you have potty trained your child.

What You Need To Know:

  • There will be accidents and that is normal!
  • You have to be prepared with extra undies and pants in your purse or car.
  • I packed a box of clorox wipes and a travel potty seat in my purse (wipes to clean the seat) It’s a great seat for public bathrooms so your tiny one’s bottom doesn’t fall in!
  • My friend Kori had the great idea of keeping a portable potty in your car for the first few weeks after potty training. I don’t agree with putting a diaper back on or pull ups in the car so I am using this idea!
  • Repeat the following, over and over and OVER again, “Let’s use the potty before we leave.” “Tell Mama when you have to go potty.” It has to be on your mind at all times to help your little one stay in the mindset of using the potty.

Yesterday was Day 3 for our little one. On Day 1 she had 8 accidents, 13 successful pees on the potty and 1 poop. On Day 2 she had zero accidents (I wonder if this is because my husband and I were both home) 12 successful pees on the potty and zero poops. On Day 3 she had zero accidents, 12 successful pees on the potty and one poop.This morning we took her out to breakfast in her underware. It’s such a sense of freedom (with some underlying nerves until we get past the next few weeks) for all of us! Since our daughter is younger than when we potty trained our oldest (our oldest was 26 or 27 months and our youngest is 23 months) we were going to try this weekend and if she didn’t get it, we would try again in a few months. It just goes to show that children are different and are ready to potty train at different times!