My friend had a great idea this summer for our children, pen pals! We spent time helping our four-year-olds send letters and cards back and forth to each other over the last few months. It was a wonderful way to encourage literacy over the lazy summer months. In the past, my daughter and I tried a few unique writing projects such as writing a letter to someone on a flip-flop and sending a message in a bottle. After you have these written and addressed to your recipient, take them to the post office for the correct postage and you are all set!

This summer we mailed a message on a ball to our pen pal. My daughter decorated it with Sharpie markers and after a trip to the post office along with the correct postage, the ball arrived on her pen pal’s doorstep. Smiles were had! Happiness shared!

Try a fun and unique writing project with your child before the summer comes to an end. I dare you! Then tell me what the project was so we have more ideas for the future!