This summer I worked with a friend of mine in my MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) group on a mom swap.

A mom swap can look different for different people. Here’s how it worked for us:

Once a week my friend dropped her two kids off to my house from 9-12 for a playdate. She then left to run errands. A few times she went out for a run and home for a shower! Whatever the mom wants! Then the next week I would drop my kids off to her for three hours. I used the time to run errands, catch up on work and I had a manicure a few times. We are continuing with this type of a set up through this month then in the fall we are swapping for date nights! I will put her kids to bed and hang out on her couch while her and her husband go out. My kids will be home sleeping under the care of my husband. So instead of a playdate, it’s a playdate for the parents!

I have loved this set up. It’s a totally free, fair swap. The best part of all is that the kids have fun!