My friend and I got our girls together for their Third Annual Tea Party.

It was my turn to host. Here’s a list of what I did to prepare for the lunch.

1. Lunch was peanut butter & honey sandwiches. Cut with a heart cookies cutter and put into individual lunch bags with hearts on them (Target Dollar Section)

2. Teapot cookies were ordered from our local bakery. I love to bake but when it comes to decorating cookies, I fail miserably. I have given up and let go of this so when I want a good lookin’ cookie or cake, I order it from Marcia at Buttercream Bakeshop.

3. Hats-We made these adorable hats using a glue gun, ribbon, feathers, flowers and plastic bowls and plates. Step-by-step instructions by Kelle Hampton here.

4. Candy bracelets-I found this tutorial on Pinterest. I was going to have my daugther help me but I wanted clean hands to make these since our guest would be eating the candy!

5. Flowers-I cut pink hydrangeas from our yard to make the little table look elegant.

6. Decorations-I printed a “Tea Parties are for Little Girls” and frilly notes and labels here.

7. Doilies-these paper products MAKE a tea party!

8. Tea Cups and Ice Cream Cups-I used fancy punch cups because I didn’t have tea cups and I used ice cream cups to put fruit in for lunch.

9. Party Favors-A pack of three fancy necklaces for each girl from the Dollar Tree.

10. Dresses and Pearls-We had the girls wear pretty sundresses and they got to dress up in our pearl necklaces.