Glow stick ring toss anybody?

Welcome to my guest blogger today, Holly from the blog Crisscross Applesauce. Holly and I met a year ago at a Blogger Meet-Up and again about a month ago at a local ice cream parlor (by chance!)

Hi Everybody!

I’m so happy to be here over at Maria’s blog! What a neat idea to share family traditions…I can’t wait to incorporate some new ones into our little family of four +1 .
Summer to this family means backyard camp outs…lots of ’em!
Each summer we pitch the tent in the backyard. When I say “we” I mean daddy. He’s the best tent pitcher this side of….the neighborhood.
Who can camp out without a backyard campfire, Ball Park Franks….
What a great way for the kids to bond with daddy…no video games! No t.v.!
And of course…
I don’t know where the marshmallows rolled off to?


Fur baby Jetta has camped out with us since her puppy days!
Turn off those video games, turn off the t.v. and turn on the lightening bug catching, the s’mores making, the late night giggles and the middle-of-the-night-trying-to-get-warm-snuggles…

I made it a mission of mine to incorporate new summertime traditions by creating a “summer bucket list” Pinterest board…come check it out! In searching Pinterest I have found so many other fun summer ideas that our family is in the process of incorporating into new summer traditions…and most of them are so easy, simple and cost very little to do!!!!

I suppose I’ll head out here….

Our front porch sees a lot of action on long summer days…

…to do a little reading, and thinking about which bucket list item to do next…that is, if there is an open seat….you can usually find *somebody* from our family sitting in those chairs – reading, chatting or people watching.

Happy Summer!
And remember…