The girls and I took a trip to visit a friend last week. When I am away from laundry, cooking, cleaning and my computer, I get consumed in a book. I wish I made more time to read for pleasure at home but at the end of the day I can normally only get through a chapter, two at the most.

For a long time I read the same author over and over because she was THAT good. It’s been awhile but over the week I read Keeping Faith by Jodi Piccoult (thank you to my recipe girls for leaving it at my house!) The book wasn’t my favorite but it kept me wanting more and that’s what I look for in an author. A writer that keeps you engaged and entertained. Below is a list of other titles I’ve read by Jodi Piccoult along with my favorites.

Any book suggestions for me?
I am a fan of realistic (usually not historical) fiction.

Nineteen Minutes -LOVED THIS ONE

House Rules

Plain Truth-Also very good



My Sister’s Keeper

Picture Perfect

Perfect Match

Change of Heart