The weekend was filled with family fun from sun up to sundown. Here are some highlights from the weekend.

1. Having my husband Dave home with us for four straight days!

2. The 4th of July Parade with my family and high school friend Molly and her family. Her mom saved us front row seats for the Plymouth Parade. I loved filling our minivan with our family plus my mom and sister!

3. Friends and Family over on the 4th, my Baked Potato Bar and watching fireworks on the lake late night.

4. Friday morning Dave quietly slipped out of bed and I snoozed until 8:45. It was amazing.

5. My Dad and Sharon hopped in the minivan and went to my daughter’s tennis lessons with us. Then we all had a Guernsey ice cream cones, went for a boat ride and swim then ended the night with my sirloin and blue cheese sliders.

6. Saturday I taught my spin class with a special visitor taking the class, my friend Emily! She’s training to become a spin instructor herself so we grabbed a few green smoothies afterwards and caught up.

7. My husband’s cousin has children the same age as our girls. They came over Saturday and the older girls were like two peas in a pod. We made mini pizzas on the grill.

8. My mother-in-law has a summer cottage next door to us. She ordered us all (my husband and all of his siblings and their kids) dinner Saturday night and the kids played late. My four-year-old didn’t watch one bit of television all weekend long. I love when we are so busy having fun that t.v. is not an option!

9. Sunday was a lazy morning and I started a new book by Jodi Piccoult. I went grocery shopping, packed for a trip Up North and caught up with family.

10. The weekend ended with all the kids tubing and my husband skiing. I stayed back at the house and watched. I am beat from going all weekend long. Today my girls had two baths. I thought we were done with the lake but I was sooooo wrong!