It’s not Thanksgiving.

It’s not even close to the December holidays where we practice the art of giving.

But today, as well as every other day of the year, it’s a good day to be grateful. Even when it’s not the holidays when we normally show gratitude and kindness.

Today I am going to Pay it Forward. I am not sure how but my girls and I are going to get out there and do something nice for someone else, just because. As I pulled up to the house from the gym this morning, there was a swan gliding across the crystal clear water and I was reminded of the miracles that surround us. Of how beautiful life truly is.

A friend in my class this morning told me he was moving. It made me sad to think his positive energy would be missing each week but when I asked him if it was because of work, he told me it was to be with his two-year-old daugther. He said he missed her terribly and that he needed to be there with her (on the other side of the country.) He has been visiting her once a month, but it just wasn’t enough. Then he asked me the name of this beautiful song I played as a cool down—Mausam by Nitin Sawhney I want to share that song with you today below.

It reminded me that people walk around day in and day out, suffering and struggling. Today I am taking the time to remember that there is heartache in the world and my role in all of it? To do my part in spreading love and kindness.

Glennon Doyle (from Momastrey) reminded me of her simple, yet not always easy to follow motto in a great post this morning, 1. Show Up 2. Be Brave 3. Be Kind and 4. Rest

Well said.