Every now and then I come across a really great review of my books. I am always happy to see that these bloggers are sharing my messages with their readers with no advertising fee from me and without even a review copy of one of my books. They do it simply because they were touched, moved and inspired by the messages I am trying to share with children. I love that!

Here is one of those reviews.

I commented on the blog post and asked the blogger to email me so that I could send her children my newest book, The Potato Chip Champ.

She emailed me such a sincere message that it made me cry.

Thank you Summer. Summer is the blogger over at Running Chatter. She writes beautiful messages on her experiences as a mother of three. Head over there and get inspired! I know I did!

As I read thorugh her blog last night, I came across the video, This Is Water. It is nine minutes long but worth it. It is a commencement speech given to graduates. It discusses the workplace, but as a mother, I believe it relates highly to our role at home with our families. Enjoy!