This week we are learning about the Letter Z and that will complete our nine months of homeschooling!

It is bittersweet. I loved my time with my daughter and the growth I saw in her this year was nothing short of miraculous. Cheesy but I’m being super serious.

Here are some of our plans from the last few letters. Again, I used resources from Preschool Alphabet through out the year. I am very appreciative of the homeschoolers who have taken the time to share their resources for FREE with readers. So selfless!

Next year my four-year-old will go to preschool a few afternoons a week. When she is home with me, our focus will be on Character Traits. I will introduce them to her through children’s literature and we will use art projects, crafts, cooking and along with some writing activities to solidify the concepts I am teaching.

In the fall my youngest and I will be taking a Mom and Tot class once a week. I have lessons I used back when my oldest was two that I will go back to for my little one! I am excited about not having to recreate the lessons!

Z week has been fun. We went to the zoo on Monday. We had an A-Z Treasure Hunt around the house and we sent this year of homeschooling out with a BANG!