As school starts to wrap up and we near summer, I am sure you are starting to think about all of the great things to do with our children from June to September.

Looking for something fun for your kids but at the same time intentionally builds confidence, social skills, self-esteem? Looking to help your child deal with unfriendly friends and to bully proofing them? Kids Empowered offers over 75 one week summer camps throughout Metro-Detroit! With themes like A Girl’s World or Boy’s World of Friendship, American Girl & Friendship, Train your dragons for boys, Kid Power, Assertiveness Boot camp, Get Ready for Kindergarten and more! Kids learn through role plays, crafts, games, and fitness activities. Kids Empowered has put on over 500 weeks of camps for thousands of kids!

Check out their schedule or call 248-757-0912.

I have recently teamed up with Kids Empowered on a powerful program. We are offering BOTH of our services and expertise at a discounted rate! Find out more about what we are doing below!

It Takes a Village to End Bullying!

Maria Dismondy, and founder of Girls and Boys Empowered, Kimber Bishop-Yanke, M.I.M, believe that schools and families need to be educated to put an end to bullying and unfriendly classmates. Together, they are teaming up in this collaborative program to deliver a powerful anti-bullying message to both children, parents and staff in a way that really hits home.