Last year I read about a mom who started the tradition Daugther’s Day with her girls. During the month of May, she chose a day to take them each out on a special date. I loved the idea of this tradition. Our baby was still so young last year that I don’t remember if she was in on the tradition then but she was this year. My little one and I had a playdate at Tiny Town, a miniature town set up for children in a store. They have pretend play areas set up, a huge bubble machine, an indoor trampoline and more. I took her out to lunch afterwards and enjoyed our one-on-one time.

This week my oldest and I went to see a children’s musical, The Little Mermaid Jr. She was so cute about picking out her outfit the night before, asking to wear her fancy necklace and to put lipstick on for our big date.

It was perfect timing that my MOPS group had a speaker last night on planning your family’s summer events. I could write an entire post about the speaker and her ideas which were awesome (I probably will). But I wanted to share a great idea she had. She has four daughters. With four children, she found it hard to take them out individually on dates. Instead, once a week, a different child got to stay up late for special time with her parents. They would pop popcorn, play a game, and talk. She said bedtime was around 7:30 for everyone else. They did their nightly routines, read books all together then the child whose night it was stayed up an extra hour. What a great idea for getting to know each individual child and for making them feel special!