Before I begin my review and summary of The Power of a Positive Mom, I should say Happy Earth Day!

If you would like some ideas on ways to celebrate the day with your children, check out my board on Pinterest. I have Earth Day under Easter because they usually fall within the same month.

The Power of A Positive Mom was a freebie left on our book table at MOPS. After reading it, I think I totally scored on getting this book for free! There are seven principles in the book that help create the portrait of a positive mom. Author Karol Ladd teaches readers each principle through stories and examples. This was my favorite part of the book, learning from another person and their experiences, not just reading a bunch of parenting jargon that sounds much easier to incorporate into daily life than it truly is.

Here are the 7 Principles: Encouragement, Prayer, A Good Attitude, Strong Relationships, The Power of Your Example, Strong Moral Standards, and The Power of Love and Forgiveness.

This is one of those books that I will reread from start to finish. I have about 25 pages marked with inspriation.

Here are a few things I am taking away from the book. Most of the bullet points include quotes from the book so I’ve noted them with page numbers.

  • Be on the lookout for what your kids are doing right instead of constantly finding something to correct.(p. 41)
  • Offer opportunities for growth-this is something I struggle with. I feel pressure to get my girls into every extracurricular activity then I vow I am not going to be THAT mom that drives her kids around all day from one thing to the next. But then I think about how they will be exposed to a variety of different sports and interests. Thank you Karol for this section. It’s clear to me now. Your children can try a variety of things–sports, dance, art, music, etc. in your own home. As you see a particular interest emerge through play at home, then look for a class or team where your child can develop that skill or talent further. Does it have to be at age 4? No. There is no rush. Karol gave several examples of Olympic athletes that started their sport during adolescence or later.(p. 57)
  • Family goal setting-talk with your children (school aged) about goal setting during the New Year. Help your child plan goals and talk to them about strategies they could use to help them reach those goals.(p. 60)
  • Create a God Box for the family. Write worries on a piece of paper, place them in the box. Do not waste anymore time or energy on worrying. (p.100)
  • Contentment (p. 122) Contentment comes from the heart; it is not dependent on material things. Contentment is the opposite of self-pity. This chapter spoke of women who have relatively little challenges in their lives but grumble every step of the way–making life miserable for themselves and for everyone around them. Why do we complain? Karol Ladd went on to explain the typical women’s pity party. Complaining about their kids, their husbands, the laundry, etc. She went on to discuss “Checking our focus” Remember it is not the situation but the reaction to the situation that matters most. Great chapter!
  • On the topic of having a good attitude, the question is not “What are you going through?” but “What is your perspective and attitude in the process?” (p. 122)
  • Speaking of husband-wife relationships, we must recognize that a positive husband-wife team has an invaluable impact on the family. Work to keep the flame alive in your marriage. (p. 156)
  • As mothers we lead by example. The lessons we deliver to our children verbally may be wise and good, but lasting lessons are caught, not taught. It is rather sobering to realize that all the “right stuff” that comes our of our mouths can be made null and void if our kids do not see good character wualities lived our in our day-to-day lives. (p. 187)
  • Traditions-this is something my friends and I talk about all the time. The author suggests many traditions. I liked the idea of telling your children your “Love Story” on Valentine’s Day. How you and your husband met, show them wedding pictures and so on.
  • Teaching Character through the classics–Karol suggests many classic books to read to and with your children. This is similar to last years blog posts I made called Make A Difference Monthly. Teach a different character trait each month through books and example!

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