Sticky Bellies is a company that I am very proud to say was launched by my friend Carly. Carly has taught me so much about being a small buisness owner, but above all she has been a huge inspiration to me. Not only does she run an extrememly successful company but is a teacher as well and is raising two lovely little ladies. I should add, she was the one who encouraged me to start a blog. Without her nudge and belief that I could do this, I may not have taken the plunge.

A few years ago when Sticky Bellies first released their products, my older daughter and I had the opportunity to participate in a product photo shoot. It sounds super glamorous but in all reality, the moms work overtime and are a sweaty mess by the end and the kids have their own agendas. Carly always manages to get a few good pictures to use with her inventory (see picture above–my big belly and my girl’s peek-a-boo face.)

Having a few photo shoots behind me, I am not sure why I had the confidence that this one would be smooth sailing. Here is how the morning went, described in pictures below (from left to right.)

1.Big sister is happy to be with her friend and little sister is digging our Dora book.

2. Little sister won’t step on the white sheet without sobbing. She is soothed by the rocking horse. In the meantime, another baby model is warming up to the white sheet after a good 15 minutes of coaxing.

3. Little sister’s first sucker (at least I thought it was, how could I forget 7 hours of flying to Mexico? Several suckers during that time!) Sweet girl just wanted to sit with mama.

4. We have a baby model on the white sheet and she’s not crying! At the same time, crazy mama has the rocking horse over her head and is making ridiculous noises.

5. Storytime. Mama and little sister hang out on the white sheet but she still refuses to smile her big cheesy grin! That’s a wrap. I was happy to hear that there was one picture that would work!

I am really looking forward to seeing the new product line from Sticky Bellies that will be released this summer!

Congratulations to Sarah Simons on winning the autographed copy of Leah’s Voice!