Our Mom’s Club, turned Recipe Group has turned into the “Girls Who Just Like to Get Together and Talk” Club!

Last week we had a swap. Ladies brought children’s toys, books, women’s clothing, accessories, bags, and likewise, that they no longer wanted. Then we swapped with our friends.

I walked away with a great orange purse for spring, a few books, clothing pieces and this awesome puzzle that my 18-month-old can’t take her hands off! If you are looking for something different to do with your girlfriends, try hosting a swap night!

How-To Host a SWAP:

1. Invite your girlfriends over. Ask them to bring any items they want to giveaway such as clothing, accessories, jewelry, children’s toys, books and household items.

2. Provide delicious food and refreshing drinks the night of the SWAP.

3. Hand each guest a number. The person with #1 goes first and so on. Keep rotating through the group. This will help take care of the “Hot Items” that people might fight over! After awhile, we all just started taking things!