We had a Mermaid Princess Birthday Party over the weekend. Mermaid Pricness? Yes. This is what you get when your three-year-old tells you she wants a mermaid party, you order the invitations, then she changes her mind to a princess party!

Friday we had a playdate during the day with some of her friends. It was a blast! They played outside for a bit, colored wooden cut-out dolls from Jo Ann’s, ate lunch and had dessert. The party was a success because for the first time, I didn’t over plan with several games and crafts!

Here are some of the details for the Under the Sea party theme: veggie cups, fish bread sandwiches, shrimp and cocktail sauce (not pictured), a Lolly-loopsy mermaid doll we already owned as a decoration, mermaid cookies, goldfish in a bowl from Ikea, party favor bags filled with goldfish crackers, mermaid, fish and unicorn stickers, a princess crown, a princess wand and a pack of friendship cards (to encourage kindness and writing, or course!) Finally, my favorite decoration at the party was a huge cut-out board that has traveled from party to party between my friends. It was propped up and we used it to take pictures of all the girls behind it (and some mamas too!)

On Sunday (her actual birthday) we had the grandparents over for lunch, cake and ice cream!