April and May will be the last two months of my first homeschooling adventure. Will I do it again? Absolutely! My youngest daughter will be next. I have decided to send my girls to one year of preschool before entering Kindergarten. After a ton of discussion with friends, researching schools and complaining to my husband that it just didn’t feel right, I found a solution. Afternoons. 12:30-3:00. Perfect. We can have our mornings together with her little sister and the baby will sleep in the afternoons anyhow! I also chose a school that is five minutes from our house and that comes with rave reviews. Feel good about it, finally!

Here are lessons from Month #7 of homeschooling.

My go-to homeschool blog hasn’t been updated in months. I am thankful she hasn’t shut her site down because her lessons

from the last year are still there and I am still using them.