You might remember the interview I did with author, Melissa Taylor a few weeks ago. I finished reading her book over the weekend. It was on my kindle and was a quick read. I really liked the fact that there were so many suggestions to further reading, pinterest boards to follow and more that you could simply click on and be taken to. They were active links. This really makes learning so much faster when you can go from book to website to explore and find out more.

Pinterest Savvy is a good read for newbies to Pinterest. It’s also helpful for business owners who are wondering how in the world marketers are using Pinterest to advertise their business. I walked away with a few things to tweak on my boards and in my usage of Pinterest for work. Here they are:

1. Track Pins-Look on my google analytics to see which pins are attracting readers to my blog/website. This is the easiest marketing strategy you can possibly find and I haven’t been using it!

2. Comment-Be sure to comment on pins from time to time.

3. Category Hashtags-add hashtags when pinning. I haven’t been doing this either!

4. Verify your website-Melissa’s book didn’t say why this was important, but I figured I should check it out.

5. After you follow someone new, repin at least three items of theirs. This will ensure that your name pop up on their “recently viewed” list in the upper right hand corner. Good for exposure to gain more followers.

6. Pin my videos-I haven’t been doing this with my new video series.

7. Plan a group board-invite others to pin to this board. I was thinking of making a new character board and inviting a few of my counselor and teacher blogger buddies to join it!