Author Lori DeMonia contacted me a few weeks ago about reviewing her children’s book, Leah’s Voice. The book won a Silver Mom’s Choice Medal and has been out since October 2012. Not only did the title spark my interest, but the cover illustrations with two loving girls made me think this was another book about friendship. I was wrong, Leah’s voice is much more than a story of friendship….

Book Synopsis: Leah’s Voice is a story that touches on the difficulties children encounter when they meet a child with special needs such as autism. Children who have a brother or sister with special needs may find it difficult to explain to their friends, or feel disappointed when their friends aren’t more understanding. Leah’s Voice tells the story of two sisters facing these challenges. Through her kindness and devotion, one sister teaches by example the importance of including everyone and showing acceptance.

My Review: I think the story was realistic and relatable for children. With Autism affecting so many families today, it’s important to have good literature to support teaching our children about the spectrum. It’s not just a book for families with children who have autism. Our children will have friends at school on the spectrum. The book is good to bring awareness to all. The illustrations were really cute! Super vivid and the character expressions were priceless. The book went through a few different scenarios to help explain the book’s lesson. The examples were realistic but lengthy. I think the book is more appropriate for elementary aged children versus preschoolers. I would recommend teachers and parents get a copy of Leah’s Voice for their bookshelves.

You can find out more about Lori and her book and have the opportunity to purchase a copy on Amazon.