Our new home office/man cave is complete. Well, just about! There’s another frame to hang, a rug on order and the tv to hook up but it’s a workable space. Just in time for a consulting call I have tonight!

We started off with a rough carpenter framing the space. Then we had an electrician. Dave hung the drywall and did a few odds and ends. Next we had a trim carpenter come in and put in the wood floors, the trim and the board and batten. Good ol’ Rubio, our painter did his magic then we had carpet installed. The carpet installed was brown and we had it replaced with the correct color. That mistake is a long story but we are thankful for an understanding carpeting guy!

I am excited about the new space. We are project crazy over here at the Dismondy house. Up next is a sprinkler system. Not as fun for the decorator in me! After that will be our little one’s big girl bedroom. Now that’s something I can get excited about!

P.S. Instead of buying new chairs, we recovered old ones. I wasn’t super good at using the staple gun but all in all, simple project!