We took time off to go to Mexico with the family last week. I can honestly say I was nervous about being unconnected from the world for so long but it was refreshing! My husband checked in on deals for work everyday while the baby napped in the room and I had time with our oldest. He’s going back to work today feeling caught up which is really nice. Neither of us had service on our cell phones and that was so great!

What did I do if I wasn’t working? I read a few books (beach novels), magazines, worked out, took a ton of pictures (as you know, a hobby I love) went to the spa (cucumbers on my eyes, hot tub, swiss shower, sauna and steam room—all part of our stay) and was present for our trip. My parents were super generous in watching the girls for a few daytime naps and date nights.

It’s a trip I am lucky enough to have been on since I was a teen. My dad would take my sister and I for a week to different locations in Mexico. We hope to do the same (probably every other year since the cost to fly is so terribly expensive) for our girls. My daughter kept asking me if we lived in Mexico. She was so cute trying to speak Spanish to every single person that worked at the resort. Last night at dinner she carried on, “Mama, how do you say milk? Pass me the leche!” Do I recommend people travel to Mexico with young children? It really depends. From what I hear on the news, there are parts of Mexico that are very unstable. We felt safe at our resort, could drink the water and eat all the fruits and vegetables our hearts desired without getting sick.

Stay tuned this week. March is Reading Month begins on Friday and I have some BIG contests I will be holding with some BIG prizes!

Teachers: A blogger friend of mine, Charity Preston with The Organized Classroom has developed an online magazine that is FREE this month and available here. She has included plenty of helpful resources. If you like what you see, each issue after March 2013 will only be $2.95.

Local News to share…

The Spinal Column article that was published last week.

Walled Lake Life-I was surprised to see a picture of me reading at an event from 2009 on the cover of the magazine (see photo)