Here are a few of our Valentine’s activities we did this year. Thank you Pinterest for your fabulous resources.

1. Valentine’s for friends. We included a few pieces of candy and heart sunglasses that we picked up in an eight pack at Meijers.

Here’s the printable that can be used to personalize them.

2. The picture I took of us playing this next game didn’t turn out so I included this cute photo. Musical Hearts: Cut out a bunch of hearts and write numbers on them. Play music, stop the music and everyone has to stand on a heart. You have to say the number you are standing on.

3. Doilies. Buy a whole bunch of them and let your kiddos glue them together, add stickers, use markers to write their name, etc. They are a staple for Valentine’s Day.

4. Peanut Butter cookies. Delicious. Add a little chocolate heart, voila! (ours were strawberry and cream hearts, a special valentine’s type)

5. A happy little bee that says “Bee Mine” to hang on the wall and make everyone smile. I couldn’t find the directions online but I saw the idea on Pinterest. It was an empty link so I just cut up the pieces and had my preschooler clue the parts together!

5. Fancy Family Dinner. We are all dressing up on Valentine’s Day and I am making a fancy dinner. It’s a fun tradition. Check back Friday to see a recap.

6. (single picture) Hidden Messages– Cut out white hearts. Write love messages with a white crayon. Hide the hearts on Valentine’s Day. Have your children find them then using watercolor paints, paint the hearts to reveal the hidden messages.